Lanai Beauty

Lanai Beauty

The Hawaiian island of Lanai was long one of the world's leading producers of pineapple, but nowadays, Lanai is home to 2 world-class luxury homes and offers visitors a refreshingly laid-back approach to the typical Hawaiian vacation. From the upcountry highlands to the beautiful beaches, Lanai will win you over if you're looking for a trip off the beaten path.

Hike Hawaii

Monroe Trail Lanai

Hiking in Hawaii is one of the most popular pastimes for both visitors and locals alike. The Island of Lanai's Munroe Trail is a refreshing getaway from the usual Hawaiian sun, sand and surf. Located in Lanai's upcountry highlands, the Munroe Trail offers hikers a road-less-traveled.

Molokai and Lanai Aerials

Molokai and Lanai offer vastly different sceneries from the air. Molokai's sea cliffs are some of the most impressive in the world and the waterfalls they bring with them are simply spectacular. Lanai's diversity is amazing - from arid moonscapes and lush highland stands of Norfolk pines, to high-end hotel properties and ancient lava flows frozen in time.